Woman Uploads Photo of her Breastfeeding at Friend’s Wedding…OK. But Why?

Breastfeeding mom, wedding guest

*As mothers we often find ourselves in a position to pull double-duty. No matter where we are. So I am thinking that just because you are being a bridesmaid at your friend’s wedding, with your young child in tow, you are still going to have to take a pause when that child is ready to be fed. Lest you choose to be stuck with a hungry, irritable child.

This was apparently what happened to Haddas Ancliffe, a young Australian woman, who uploaded a photo of herself breastfeeding her son, Jonah, at the wedding.

It’s the uploading of the photo that some people became uncomfortable with. This writer wasn’t uncomfortable with it. I breastfed my child over 35 years ago. And although the Internet was nary a thought in anyone’s head at the time, I personally doubt that I would’ve chosen to share this beautiful and private practice  with the world.

I mean really, childbirth is beautiful too, but does that invite us to share photos…spread eagle?

But hey, that’s just me. And I am just one person.

However it did cause quite a stir online. Because once you decide to let strangers in, you invite their opinions too. And as you know, we all have plenty of those.

Even unfavorable ones.

  • “It’s cool you’re breastfeeding but don’t need to show it to the world. Attention whore,” was the opinion of one Instagram user.
  • “It’s not a classy statement. It’s your tit out at someone else’s classy affair and your using it as your soapbox,” another opinionated person wrote.
  • “How old is that kid? You’re using someones wedding as a soapbox,” someone else offered.

But opinions can also be positive. And Ancliffe did receive some of those as well.

  • “What’s wrong with these people that are so embarrassed and horrified when they see a woman breastfeeding their child. This is totally normal and it should be accepted everywhere in the world,” said one supporter.
  • “Very beautiful and amazing feeling for a breastfeeding mother. The bond that it will create is just amazing. Proud of mothers that will stand up for this cause,” said another commenter.

While each of these comments have validity, this writer just wonders what the point of uploading a photo of this practice (attention: breastfeeding is not a ’cause’) was for.

Breastfeeding mom

“I’m am so incredibly grateful for the support you guys have shown on my breastfeeding pictures,” the mother responded.

Why would you need “support” to do something that is so natural, young woman? And to your so-called supporters — is the “support” for the practice of choosing to breastfeed, or for the fact that you posted pictures doing so, online?

To these eyes, it appears that, by all intents and purposes, what you and these “supporters” are seeking and supporting is a big, healthy dose of attention.

But again, that’s just me.

3 thoughts on “Woman Uploads Photo of her Breastfeeding at Friend’s Wedding…OK. But Why?”

  1. I really don’t care about you breast feeding YOUR CHILD, the key word is your child, if your child couldn’t wait them I would have took my child and my self into another room as not to take away from the bride and groom day and make it about you and your child; and so you did what you felt you had to at the moment, but why turn around and up load it to the WWW. and yes breast feeding is between the mother and their child and that is a beautiful thing but you just had to show the world and expose your child to every pervert in this whole wide world, I hope you are proud of what you have exposed your child to.

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