Update: Hey Chris Rock, Where’d You Get $65K, Girl Scouts Rep Says, ‘No Way!’


*Well my people, it appears the joke was on us.

Remember all that money 88th Academy Awards host Chris Rock said he made for the Girl Scouts troop in Inglewood, California — by asking the deep pockets in the celebrity audience to purchase Girl Scout cookies to the tune of $65, 243? Well it was all part of a skit. This, according to a spokesperson for the Girl Scouts.

The actual amount raised was less. Much less.

About $62.5K less.

The organization’s rep says in actuality, Rock sold about 500 boxes of Girl Scout cookies at $5 each — which would amount to more like $2,500.

But really, is anyone the worse for it?

And can you really blame a brother trying anything he can to divert attention from an already tough situation like hosting #oscarssowhite?


It was still a good thing! He didn’t have to do it at all.

But being that it is “cookie-season” for the legendary brand, (who by now, must have approached just about everyone on the planet!), Rock chose to use his star power (and the Academy Awards platform) to be of service.

Still it makes you wonder, though. What was the point of doing such a ‘skit’? And if the Girl Scouts knew about it beforehand…What was in it for them?

And finally…

Was it supposed to be funny?

This is one of those times I wish I had been in Rock’s writing room, or at least at the Academy roundtable (sitting right next to the show’s co-producer, Reginald Hudlin).

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