Over 100 Teenagers Occupy Vacant Home For Blowout Party


*Homeowners who move out of their homes before they’re sold have always had to worry about thieves or squatters breaking in while they’re away.

Now, homeowners who make that decision can add partying teenagers to the list.

A luxury home in central California was up for sale recently: four bedrooms, vaulted ceilings, a big backyard and a pool. The listing also mentioned that the home was vacant.

Those last three features were the highlights of a party invitation that a 16-year-old high school junior sent out. He’d also posted information on the party on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, asking attendees to “respect the house” and “no drama at all.” However, he also wrote “If you act stupid who fucking cares.”

The kid removed the “for sale” sign on the house’s front lawn, and told neighbors he’d just bought the house and was planning a party. They asked them to just let them know, instead of calling the police, if the party got to loud.

Possibly, it was a flag that a 16-year-old kid had bought a luxury home.  And clearly he didn’t anticipate some of the neighbors knowing the homeowners or that they’d ignore his wishes and call the cops.

When local police arrived at about 10pm the night of the party, there were more than 100 high school students there. The kid charged $10 a head, according to authorities.

The owner, who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation, arrived shortly thereafter to find over $1,800 in damages to her home. The sliding glass door had been pried open, screens were knocked out and a faucet was broken. The floors and most table and counter tops were covered with beer, beer bottles, gum and marijuana.

In a true act of compassion — or insanity — the homeowner has asked for reimbursement for damages, but she doesn’t want the kid kicked out of sports that he participates in or severely punished. She said she was a troubled teen and she doesn’t want things taken away from the student that will help him succeed in life.  She only wants him to understand the impact of his actions.

Local authorities say the kid could face charges of trespassing and vandalism.

If he were mine, he’d also face an ass whooping.

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