SLC Teen Holding Broomstick, Shot By Police

SLC police shooting
Selam Mohammad, friend of the victim, was stopped by police as he walked away from the scene.

*By now we’ve all heard the weak-ass reasons given as to why police officers — the non-black ones at least — shoot black males first and ask questions later.

A fear of black men is at least one of them anyway.

But according to a 19-year-old named Selam Mohammad (pictured above), the police who shot his friend, an unnamed minor who had gotten into a fight and happened to be holding a broomstick at his side, did so with no provocation.

“They told him to put it down, once, and started shooting him as soon as he turned around,” Mohammad described to Salt Lake Tribune.

Fear what? If the 16-year-old victim looks anything like his 19-year-old friend pictured above…WHO BY THE WAY DOESN’T EVEN LOOK 15…what exactly was there to fear?

The shots fired were also witnessed by bystanders, who reports say became angry, causing the deployment of more police officers to the downtown Salt Lake City area.

According to witnesses, the incident happened around 8 p.m. on Saturday near 250 S. Rio Grande St. — close to a homeless shelter. Some reports even say the victim was homeless.

Witnesses of the incident were heard yelling obscenities at police and throwing rocks according to Salt Lake Tribune journalists. Subsequently, nearly 100 police officers, some carrying riot shields, arrived on the scene.

Closures of the Trax Blue Line before the Old Greektown stop made getting home difficult for many fans who had attended the Utah Jazz game that evening.

Late Saturday, SLC police confirmed that at least one — possibly two of their officers were involved in the shooting. And Detective Ken Hansen of the Unified Police Department said that the teen is listed in critical condition.

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