Saved from a Life on the Streets, This Dog is Unrecognizable Now! (Video)


*I know people who don’t love animals the way I do won’t get this. But I swear, love and a bit of attention will cure just about anything. We see ferile animals walking the streets every single day. A mangy looking cat here, a matted-fur dog there, and we shake our head and keep walking.

But every once in a while, we do a little bit more.

And that is what happened a few weeks ago when kind animal lovers rescued this doggie, who had been living on the streets of Los Angeles his entire life.

“Benji” had never felt a human touch — at least not a loving one — until someone in the neighborhood called  Hope For Paws in Los Angeles.

“Physically, he was so badly matted, covered with ticks and fleas,” Hope For Paws founder Eldad Hagar wrote on YouTube. “He bit his tongue as he was struggling to escape from us, so you’ll see a little bleeding – nothing serious. Mentally: Benji was living on the streets all his life, so human contact was so hard for him to get used to.”

After hours of work, the staff got Benji all cleaned up. So now, at least physically, he was fine.

But the real work was getting him emotionally well. And this took a little more time. He had to be subdued for about 10 days. And then one of the staffers introduced the little dog to his own dogs; pit bull mixes named Lola and Frankie.

And look at the results in the video below. The pup who was matted and covered in mites when we first saw him, is unrecognizable now.

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