Dr. Joy deGruy Tells ‘Why Black People Act the Way They Do’ (A Must See!)


*This will be an hour and twenty minutes well spent. Promise. And if you happen to be among the mindset that is willing and able to view the video as a means to understanding what Dr. Joy deGruy, a renowned researcher, educator, author and presenter calls, “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” and how it has affected generations of Black folk and White folk since slavery shifted…

…Notice I didn’t say ended, you will move forward more knowledgeable.

Book by Dr DeGruy

Only the ignorant will see this video as a tool to perpetuate hate. And if you do, you have totally missed the point.

DeGruy has done the work. And she is laying out the results for you. Of particular interest will be some of the political and social figures she names; those whose opinions have been published as “scientific” and some of the books she refers to. Especially one written by Norm Stamper, a former (Caucasian) Chief of Police, who wrote a page-turner called “Breaking Rank: A Top Cop’s Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing .”

And from the excerpts deGruy read, along with her own assessment, he certainly did BREAK RANK!


And because of it he remains in voluntary exile.

I’ll say no more. The video below speaks VOLUMES!

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