Columbia University Student’s Fake ‘Hospital Excuse’ Photos Go Viral

premed student

*Take a look at dude in the photo above. Remember those college days when you had an exam coming up and instead of studying for it, you went out and partied? Remember the morning of the exam, you woke up with a hangover? How about all the times you were on social media in class while the professor was talking? Now its exam time and you’re not prepared — so what do you do?

Put earphones up your nose, and a charger across your arms ; get some white tape and make a fake hospital wristband and oh, don’t forget the white sheets. Now take a picture that makes it look like you’re in the hospital.

Press send.

One Columbia University pre-med student went ALL OUT to be excused from taking a pending exam, and decided to go through the motions described above and then upload photos of himself captioned, “I’m emailing these pics to my chem prof bc I had a nosebleed & had to be hospitalized & can’t take this midterm Wed.”

I’m still laughing. And apparently so is social media “bc” his photos went viral and were shared more than 20K times.


And he had the nerve to be shocked after learning of this.

Terrell Finner couldn’t believe the thousands of likes his pictures received on social media and later tweeted, “When you wake up out a dead sleep to 75000 notifications that your viral tweet is going viral on Facebook.”

Well what can top that, you may wonder. Finner is certainly taking his newfound fame in stride. But he couldn’t just walk away and leave us hanging, so he posted the photo below captioned, “Got discharged from the hospital. Gotta have oxygen though,” with another adding, “Thanks for your prayers!”


Of course there were those who did not think the student’s masquerade was funny. But who cares about them, right?

No word on whether the professor ever got these photos. And if he did, he’s probably one of the thousands laughing.

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