Texas ‘Campus Carry’ Gun Law Passed, Educators Warned: Don’t Piss Students Off

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*Who in Sam Hell voted for this sh*t, you may wonder as you scratch your head?

It’s not like we don’t have enough campus shooting catastophe’s in recent history that we can easily recall. Now a new “campus carry” gun law has passed in Texas that allows people to legally pack a pistol on campus.

And get this: No one in authority can question you about it, without the campus being fined.

A photo (scroll down to see it) uploaded to social media by Jeffrey Villines, a Ph.D.  student in the English department at the university, is from a “recent campus carry dialogue at UH, in response to faculty concerns about dangers from armed students.”

According to reports by the Houston Chronicle, an unofficial forum of professors suggests that teachers “drop certain topics from your curriculum,” and “not ‘go there’ if you sense anger.”

So now educators must concentrate less on their lesson plans, and more on holding their tongue and editing themselves because God forbid you piss that gun-toting student off.

And don’t even think about giving them the side eye!

Villines elaborates, saying “teachers cannot forbid firearms in class, or even ask who is carrying one,” and claims the school would be “fined $10k for violations.”

Gun carry slide

In a statement by a university spokesperson, who made a point to let folks know that the photo uploaded by Villines was “not official” (as if that makes it any less real), “The University of Houston takes issues surrounding campus safety and guns on campus very seriously and will strive to create policies that comply with the new Campus Carry law, protect the rights of citizens, and address the safety and security of the entire campus.”

But back to my earlier statement about educators having to edit themselves. Villines shares his opinions on same. He argues that campus carry policies may have a chilling effect on the freedom of expression, silencing “discourse through fear of violence.”

“To be clear,” he wrote, “Step 1 of 3: Terrorism involves the silencing of discourse through fear of violence. Step 2 of 3: Open carry is advertised as a means of resisting or preventing terrorism. Step 3 of 3: Teachers advised that any problems with Open Carry can be resolved by silencing discourse.”


We will see how this works out for you, Houston. But from where I sit, the writing is on the wall and the message is not a good one.


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