Female Passenger Asked to Stop Smoking, Steals MTA Bus Instead (Watch!)


*Good lawd! I’ve heard about being pissed because maybe you feel you shouldn’t have gotten fired. Or even wanting a cigarette so badly that you just can’t wait to get to the smoking area.

But really, are these reasons to steal a bus?

Maybe not for you or me, but it was for one passenger in East Harlem, who had been asked by the bus driver to stop smoking.

The driver of the M101 bus, which was somewhere near 96th Street, had approached the woman around 7:10 am Tuesday morning to make the request.

She obviously refused, and so what does a bus driver do to inconvenience all the other passengers on the bus?

I know! I know! Pick me!!!

Go ahead little Johnnie.

Take the bus out of commission and ask the passengers to evacuate.

This was all the distraction the woman needed, and before the driver could say, “WTF?” his bus was gone.

The woman drove about three blocks, but found herself in a forced stop position because another bus was in front of her.

Thankfully, a fast-thinking dispatcher reached in an open window and disabled the bus.

“She wasn’t trying to stop the bus and I commend the dispatcher because if it wasn’t for him opening that window and sticking his hand in there, the bus probably would have crashed into another bus because it almost hit another bus,” said Tyni Jackson, a witness who spoke with ABC7.

Charita Headley, 34,  was arrested on the spot and identified by sources close to the investigation as a former bus driver who was fired in July for excessive absences.

“She was resisting at first, but then they got her into the handcuffs and they just walked her to the police car and put her into the police car. She looked really bad, like she was on something. Her eyes were red. Like, really red,” Jackson said.

Watch the ABC7 news report directly below.

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