Teens in Court for Murder Make Request for ‘Followers’ on Social Media

murder suspects ask for followers on social media

*I have said it time and again. Many of our youth on the wrong side of the law have little to no value for life. I don’t know if drugs have played a role in desensitizing them from the brutal aspects of reality or what. But they have taken and continue to take lives with little to no provocation. It’s as if they believe the dead will get up and walk away after all is said and done.

Case in point: Three teens who could very well be spending decades in prison following their capture after being fingered in the murder of another teen were facing charges in court. Instead of putting their their best behavior forward, in some attempt to at the very least imply reasonable doubt, they seemed more interested in the cameras in the room.

According to WYFF, Albert Taylor, 22, asked the judge, “What are those cameras for?”

The judge responded, saying it was the news media.

Two of the young men then took the opportunity to make a plea for followers on social media.

What, you may ask?

Did I stutter?

Taylor and Daniel Gibbs, 19, obviously got a kick out of their circumstancesw because they boldly started asking folks to hit them up on social media.

“What’s up, y’all? Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud,” Gibbs said. Taylor followed by saying, “Follow me on Instagram, Snapchat.”

Jamari Fair, 18, was apparently the only one taking the event seriously, because he chose to remain quiet.

The irony in this, in addition to the obvious lack of recognition as to the gravity of the crime, is that this whole thing started with a teen they had issues with on social media.

The three teens had been talking with 17-year-old Kejuan Brown over a period of days and decided to meet him at Tri-City Lanes bowling alley in Esley, South Carolina. Once there, things escalated and Brown was allegedly shot to death by one of the suspects.

Witnesses saw the getaway car and notified authorities. The trio was soon after at a local store not far from the murder scene.

Each suspect is facing charges that include murder, assault and battery by a mob and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

This is one for the record books indeed. Where did we fail?

 I can only imagine the look on the red face of the judge.

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