Fla. Boy, 15, Charged with Killing His 10-Year-Old Sister

Frederick Lochridge

*What would possess one child to kill another? Add to that, a family member. Yet authorities arrested 15-year-old Fredrick Lochridge on Monday and charged him with the murde of his sister, Isabella Heffernan.

The murder has left employees at a Florida sheriff’s office in shock because they had visited the family in the past, and even helped them on occasion.

“About three or four years ago, one of our deputies discovered the family living in basically a pole barn with walls that were covered with tarps,” said Maj. Tommy Ford of the Bay County Sheriff’s office. “We went out there and helped to put walls up and brought some food and Christmas presents for the kids.”

But on Sunday afternoon, deputies placed the boy under arrest after finding his sister’s body in a field near the home. The girl had been reported missing that morning.

Lochridge is said to have admitted to killing his sister. But his reason…or excuse, if you will, changed three times in the process.

According to Ford, Lochridge became a suspect during the search. In an arrest affidavit released by the department Monday afternoon, an officer who interviewed the boy wrote that he first told investigators that he shot his sister about 3 a.m. Sunday after he mistook her for a deer. Later, the boy claimed he saw someone attack his sister and he accidentally hit her while trying to fire at the attacker. Then, in a third interview, the boysaid that he accidentally shot his sister while trying to teach her how to shoot his rifle.

According to investigators the boy said he had cleaned his sister’s body, changed her clothing and moved her to the field where she was later found.

According to Ford the 15-year-old could be chargefd as an adult.

Early Monday, during a news conference, the boy was described as “hardcore” by Sheriff Frank McKeithen; who said he acted much older than 15 when confronted by authorities.


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