Hero! Little Girl, 5, Leads Blind Grandma from Burning Home

5 year old leads gramma from fire
Cloe Woods

*This child can easily put many of us to shame. As I write this, I continue to pray that I am never in the midst of someone needing my direct assistance because I have forgotten everything I learned in CPR training. So if it calls for anything more than me dialing 9-1-1, let’s just say, “Houston, we’ve got a problem.”

But one grandma is most likely counting her blessings today; one of them being her precious 5-year-old grand-daughter, who paid attention on her fire safety class field trip and jumped into action when a fire hit their home.

Little Cloe Woods, a Pre-K student Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Kenner, La, went with her class to the Kenner Fire Department in October where the staff “…talked to the kids saying if there was a fire you need to get out of the house,” according to her teacher, Brittany Gaillot.

Gaillot said the little girl was listening intently; which is why she did so well when the crucial moment arrived on Wednesday.

It appears the stove in the family’s home caught fire and according to Cloe’s mom, Shone Arceneaux, that’s when the little girl jumped out of bed and ran to her blind grandmother’s room.

“She told my mom to hold her shoulder and that they had to get out of the house,” Arceneaux said.

Once safely outside, little Cloe made sure her grandma and dog were ok. Then she ran from door to door looking for water to put the fire out.

“I wanted water, to pour it,” said the little hero in her big-girl voice.

Cloe told her mother, who had taken her older siblings to their carpool stop nearby, when she returned home.

Arceneaux described the scene saying,

“She was running and telling the neighbors to call 911, and I said what’s going on. She said the house is on fire, so I jump out of the car and said what?”

“She saved her grandmothers’ life and saved her own life,” Chief John Hellmers of the Kenner Fire Department stated, adding how wonderful it was that the little one paid such close attention on a field trip.

Who wouldn’t be proud of this little shero!


 Unfortunately, there was a down-side to this. Cloe’s family suffered great loss of personal effects. A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist them. As of this writing more than $11,800 has been raised by 442 people over three days towards the family’s $15K goal. If you’d like to help them reach that goal, go to the GoFundMe page for Chloe’s family.


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