Rebel Wilson to Idris Elba: ‘I’m Socially Programmed to ‘Want Chocolate’ on V-Day!’ (Watch)

Rebel Wilson spots Idris Elba in the audience.
Rebel Wilson spots Idris Elba in the audience.


*And that’s why they call her ‘rebel’ folks!

Comic-actress Rebel Wilson had the Internet’s panties all in a knot when she had the nerve to show love out loud for Idris Elba (and at the same time, poo on #oscarssowhite) during her opening intro at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards on Sunday.

You know comedians, they are going to do their own thing no matter what. Just give them a platform and its on from there.

So here we have Wilson, a stand-up comedian, actress and writer from Australia who has mainly made a name for herself based on her edgy style and delivery. At the awards podium she appeared to be reading line by line from a written script (as opposed to a teleprompter); which had her spoofing issues currently in the news.

One being #oscarssowhite.

As you know, they are racists. But the BAFTAs have diverse members. And that’s what we all want to see in life, isn’t it? Diverse members. One day, I hope to return here to win a BAFTA myself. I have already been practicing my transgendered face.”

Oh crap!

The transgender community was NOT amused, I hear.

But then Wilson appeared to glance out into the audience. And was obviously momentarily distracted by none other than British actor, Idris Elba. It was then that she made her “Chocolate” comment to which Elba laughed as he put a “shush” finger to his lips (amidst nervous laughter from the audience…in 2016, mind you.).

Idris Elba at BAFTA, Rebel Wilson

You’ve got to see this for yourself though. Wilson’s unapologetic commentary on this is best witnessed first hand. See the video directly below.



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