Ladies, Isn’t This Man Lucky to Be Alive After This ‘Proposal?’ (Watch)


*OMG! What better day to get proposed to, than the day lovers the world over hold dear?

Valentines Day.

But wait, you see him getting down on one knee after gently pulling you from the couch…all with THAT look in his eyes.

You’re going to bust any minute, for sure. But you don’t want to do the ugly cry just yet.

Then it happens…

He gets down on one knee, begins by saying, “I got a question to ask you…

Will you…”

Proposal, fake

You can feel the ugly cry coming on. You need a tissue, but you don’t want to spoil the moment!

So you hold it in.

He opens a small white box…

But rather than reveal a ring, it shows a single tea bag.

“…make me a cup of tea?” he finishes.

You f*king want to die. But you choose to kill his ass instead.

OK, so that didn’t happen.

He’s still alive. You’re still alive.

But this is what happened to Jenny Davis, when her boyfriend of six months, Brad Holmes from Southampton, England, pulled this stunt.

Would you be surprised to hear that Jenny was not amused?

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Let’s visit her response.

“What is that?! Are you f***ing joking?!” she shouts, before throwing the box to the ground and storming out the room.

Is it safe to assume he got absolutely NONE on V-Day eve?

But since it was caught on video, he kept up a good front. Laughing at his prank after her humiliating exit.

“I don’t believe she knew it was coming,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

No sh*t.

“I genuinely believe that she thought I was proposing.”

Really dude?

So let’s take a look at this video directly below. And tell me readers, how would YOU have responded to this “proposal?”

But the story didn’t end as you might think. Look what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

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