Good Lord! Woman Gives Birth and Leaves Newborn in Toilet at Subway!


*According to media reports, a homeless woman left her newborn infant in the toilet of a Subway restaurant bathroom in West Covina, California.

Police say that the only reason the baby is alive is the quick response of the employees at the store.

The restaurant is located on South Azusa Ave. It had to be shut down during breakfast hours after employees and customers heard a woman’s screams coming from inside the bathroom.

When the woman, who had been in the bathroom for about 15 minutes, ran out of the bathroom, and left the restaurant bleeding, a female employee along with a customer, went inside and made the discovery.

According to police Capt. Rudy Lopez of the West Covina Police Dept.

“They saw an umbilical cord leading into the toilet. When they looked inside the toilet they found the baby.”

Immediately, 911 was called, and an obviously upset woman explained what had happened. According to the report by KABC, the baby was sitting upright in the cold water, but partially submerged.

The woman was coached on what to do to ensure the baby’s welfare; which included making sure the baby’s passage way through his mouth was clear.

It was somehow learned that the mother, a homeless woman in the area, is a 38-year-old woman named Mary Grace Trinidad.

“I seen him talking to the bushes and I thought it was weird,” said PepBoys Mechanic, Raymond Garcia, who spoke to the media after he pointed the police in the direction of where Trinidad was ultimately found.

The mother, in need of medical assistance, was taken to the hospital; but has been charged with attempted murder and child endangerment.

Trinidad will be taken to jail after she is released from the hospital. According to CBS local, her bail will be set at $2 million. She was also wanted on a $30,000 warrant for drug charges.

The infant remains in critical condition, and is in protective custody.

Listen to what people in the community had to say about the woman here.

And watch the CBS local video below.

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