Va. Parents Mad As Heck Over White Guilt Video About ‘Unequal Opportunity’ (Watch)

At the starting gate.
At the starting gate.

*I like it already. A short, animated video entitled, “The Unequal Opportunity Race” has some Virginia parents — a lot of ’em in fact — outraged. They are calling the film devisive and says it showcases white privilege.

And in case you haven’t guessed. Yes, these opponents are white.

And the film doesn’t waste any time making its point. It opens showing high school students, two whites on one side, two blacks on the other, at the starting line of a relay race.

A hand raises a pistol into the air and fires. The white runners leap into stride effortlessly, but two flashing stop-lights (poles and all) obstruct the black pair. As the minutes tick by, and the pair remains in “start” mode, words like “slavery,” “genocide,” “Trail of fear,” and “segregation” appear on the screen.

The white pair returns after an apparent “lap one” and continue on into subsequent laps.

The black pair never left first base.

Black runners face the 1st obstacle.
Black runners face the 1st obstacle.

But wait! Just as the white girl runner laps by for a third time she looks over at the black pair and says “bye-bye.”

The black runners finally get the green light to run.

Only seconds into said race, they have already caught up to the white runners. A big gray cloud has formed above the black runners’ heads.

Just before a rain storm appears.

...And another one.
…And another one.

We’re not even two-minutes into the slightly more than four minute film. But the challenges the two black runners face continue.

And so do those words on the screen…

black runners, words

Its a powerful 4:10 minutes that shows (and I hope this is what they intended us to see) that irregardless of the obstacles and challenges put before black people…

We keep gettin’ up.

And its a nice touch showing how the young black man and woman help each other through the challenges.

Real nice.

But we soon get over it! Because the black male runner is seen floating up, up and away…in a prison-type cage.

And the female continues alone.

Runners, dead end

Sound familiar?

The film was produced for the African American Policy Forum and although it is intended to be an educational video, it was banned by a Virginia School District because of the complaints by parents.

The video (created over 10 years ago), has been shown hundreds of thousands of times at schools and workshops across the country, it effectively contextualizes historic racial disparity in the United States.

“The video is designed for the general public,” said Luke Harris, co-founder of the African American Policy Forum and an associate professor of political science at Vassar College. “We produced something you could show in elementary and secondary schools or in college studies courses.”

He added: “We found that the video has a huge impact on the people that we’re showing it to. Most of us know very little about the social history of the United States and its contemporary impact. It was designed as a tool to throw light on American history.”

Whew! And that it does.

How can we know where we’re going, if we don’t know where we came from?

See the creative video directly below. I would like to add, for those who are against this video: We feel your pain. The truth never has been an easy pill to swallow.

3 thoughts on “Va. Parents Mad As Heck Over White Guilt Video About ‘Unequal Opportunity’ (Watch)”

  1. As an African American male, I appreciate the video. My parents died while I was a young child and no one ever told me about the adversities. If I had known, I could have better prepared myself mentally and emotionally, but I came into adult life not knowing those things and became more and more bitter after making the same assessments. It was very clear. So life for minorities is stacked adversely here in the US. Its a sad truth. Denying it or looking the other way other adds mockery to the oppression as a whole. – Thank you for this Video. I just wish I had known this 30 years ago. I pray it helps the children of today, who don’t have parents to pass this truth to them. TY.

    So one should tell the author that there is no word “irregardless”

    The appropriate word is “regardless”

    Its a powerful 4:10 minutes that shows (and I hope this is what they intended us to see) that irregardless of the obstacles and challenges put before black people…

  2. Public Figure to Private Citizen.

    The word irregardless could therefore be expected to have the meaning “in regard to”, instead of being a synonym of regardless.

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