Oh God: Johnny Depp Plays ‘The Donald’ in Funny or Die Video (Look!)

Depp as Trump
Donald Trump (L) and Johnny Depp as Trump (R)…I’d say the makeup department NAILED IT!


*With all the memes, one-liners and bad hair days surrounding republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, comedic site “Funny or Die” must’ve figured they’d put their mark on it and go all out with a 50-minute video mockumentary on the man — aptly titled, “Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal.”

And to add a little umph to it, they couldn’t choose just any old actor to pin the role, they had to go and choose one of the greatest actors of all time (and one of my personal favorites).

Johnny Depp.

Depp has done few to no roles that he hasn’t completely nailed. And from the little bit I’ve seen so far, that record still stands.

This is one secret they kept well! Hollywood was obviously busy with something else — maybe #oscarssowhite — because we had no clue this was in the works until USAToday put it out there.

The surprise release of this video comes the morning after Trump’s New Hampshire win.

Depp is no stranger to disguise. He has become Willy Wonka, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd (The Demon Barber of Fleet Street), and Whitey Bulger…all of which makes his role as the swashbuckling pirate, Jack Sparrow look rather meek.

Come to think of it, Depp once told Moviefone, he almost got fired from the 2003 “Pirates of the Carribbean” film.

Depp said, “I fully expected to be fired, and I got a call from the upper echelon at Disney who were courageous enough to ask me, ‘What the f–k are you doing?'”

They were referring to the slurred speech the actor decided to use. Depp says he got the idea to speak like this from two characters you’d never guess: Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and Pepé Lepew (the animated skunk with an accent) from back-in-the-day.

That’s an artist for you!

All I can say is, now that the film became a blockbusting franchise, I’m glad Disney got a grip and let the boy continue to do his thang.

Now take a look at the two clips below to see Depp at work as The Donald. We even see Ivana Trump being expertly portrayed by Michaela Watkins.

Here’s another scene.


As a Johnny Depp fan from w-a-a-y back, any opportunity I get to even look like I’m standing next to the real deal…I take it!

Here I am with “Capt. Jack Sparrow!”

D and Jack Sparrow

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