Angry Tweets Force Twitter CEO to Say, Calm Down, Not Much Will Change…Afterall

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO
Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO (Twitter)

*As if they have some money invested, Twitter users came out with fightin’ words when a rumor surfaced recently saying changes were going to be made on Twitter next week.

Twitter was supposedly going to stary using an algorithm that would alter people’s timelines and show the most popular tweets first instead of the normal chronological order that had been the site’s standard since inception.

In one of those Hell-to-the-nah type moves, tweets came out left, right, and side-eyed practically forcing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to put a statement together “right quick” reassuring the community that all is well in Twitter-land (Scroll down to see it).

You would think these people had stock in the company or something, with some of the suggestions and demands they posted.

A Rolling Out article puts the reason for the changes; including downsizing, on the co-founder himself. Sources, according to Re/Code, claim that because Dorsey was just appointed to the “permanent” CEO position, the revamp of the engineering team wil lead to greater efficiency.

But on his Twitter page, Dorsey attempted to put all fears to rest.


Twitter post

Word has it even the finance experts were puzzled by the move. Engineers represent half of the 4,100 employees at Twitter.

“It is important to run a tight ship, but simply cutting jobs is often the action of a company that does not know what else to do,” Edison Investment Research analyst Richard Windsor wrote in a message on Monday. “What I would have preferred to see is the removal of engineers from the mature part of the business and their re-employment on the big new strategy that will bring Twitter back to growth.”

Makes sense to me, but what do I know? Read more here.


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