Chicago Cop Fatally Shoots Teen, Then Sues His Family


*As if the public needs one more example of somebody who knows they are dead wrong, trying to divert attention from that fact.

Talk about trying to insult our intelligence.

Robert Rialmo, the white police officer from Chicago who fatally and intentionally shot and killed a black 19-year-old college student — and “accidentally” killed a neighbor, is working overtime to turn the tables on his crime.

He has filed a lawsuit against the dead teen’s estate.

His defense?

He has been traumatized by the murders he committed.

I’ll stop here and allow that to sink in for a sec.

Now, either this dude is the dumbest human on the planet, or this is how it looks when you OD on the white privilege kool-aid.

Here you have two families grieving at the senseless death of their loved ones; planning an unexpected funeral — thinking about what they may have to sell or how much they will need to borrow to bury their beloved.

Now add to this the act of having to wrap their brains around one cops’ bodacious audacity. The police officer that actually committed the killings…because HE feels “traumatized.”


chicago officer files lawsuit

Rialmo’s lawsuit claims the shooting occurred after Quintonio LeGrier swung a bat at his head — at close range, on December 26.

Antonio Quintonio, the dead teen’s dad, filed a wrongful death lawsuit that said his son posed no threat.

ABC-7 recently released a copy of the 911 police dispatch log that shows the teen reached out for help, TWICE, and shows the dispatcher’s final response.

There is no way in hell you can spin this. It is what it is. See the image directly below.

Quintonio to police dispatch

It will be interesting, at best, to see Rialmo’s next move.





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