Father Didn’t Want to Pay $600 Child Support, Killed Mother and Daughter Instead

Father murders mother and daughter, child support

*As I write this, its incomprehensible to me, the degree of hate that would have to consume a person who would do such a thing as murder their own child, along with her mother, because he was ordered to pay $600 in child support.

But it is exactly what Daron Maurice Boswell-Johnson of District Heights, Md. did. And on Wednesday, he was arrested.

NeShanté Davis and her 2-year-old little girl, Chloe, were found in the parking lot outside of their home.

Little Chloe was still in her car seat when the police arrived. Her mother, just outside of the car.

mother-and-daughter murdered by father

Perhaps Davis was on her way to work as an elementary school teacher, dropping her daughter off at childcare along the way.

Prince George’s County Interim Police Chief Hank Stawinski seemed to be in a state of shock as he spoke during a press conference following the shooting.

“This is a profoundly sad day, and my prayers go out to the family of the victims of this crime that frankly shocks the conscious. The notion that someone would be bold enough to take the life of a child, take the life of a young woman, and think there would not be consequences is simply unacceptable in Prince George’s County.”

And Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela D. Alsobrooks added,

“This is absolutely unacceptable, in any civilized community, that a child should be killed in this way.”

NeShanté Davis’ employer, Prince George’s County Public Schools, also made a statement. To read what they had to say, visit Naturally Moi.

26 thoughts on “Father Didn’t Want to Pay $600 Child Support, Killed Mother and Daughter Instead”

  1. Stop putting men on child support.. It may seem to help mothers.. But it really destroys families. A lot of women get away with putting the wrong man on child support also. A lot of women take advantage of the child support system. It forces me to pay more than what they can afford and forces them to not be able to live on what they make

  2. @ Charles Ray…, Why should it be that a woman or man who is not a custodial parent, not assist in the rearing of said child or children? It sounds like you either need a career change or a second job.

  3. @Charles Ray sooooooo a child doesn’t need to eat,drink,have heat in the winter,air conditioning in the summer,roof over their heads?A child shouldn’t have any childcare fees?Shouldn’t be allowed to participate in extra curricular activities?Shouldnt be driven in a car instead of travel in public transit?Shouldnt be allowed to go to the dentist or Doctor,be treated to a nice pair of shoes when the other ones got small?fathers have these luxuries at ease and don’t care what happens to their children on a daily basis.Should mothers and fathers try to come to an agreement outside of court!OF COURSE!! But men usually don’t want to really help out they wanna give a little bit to nothing.Lol I tried coming to an agreement outside of court but it didn’t work,I said give me $100 a month at least (because he rather go on welfare then get a job because if he gets a job he would be required to give me something to help,and that was to much,instead I got $300 a year randomly.Children cost money and it shouldn’t be on one parent to take care of that child.Right now I get nothing!!!NOTHING CHARLES! In the past year and a half the only thing he has done is buy her a pair of winter boots and that’s because I had to ask.But what?your gonna be mad if I take him to court to enforce his parental right?Thats right, parental right because some people can’t have children and would give anything for the opportunity to have at least just one!But ya women take them to court because they refuse to do anything!ANYTHING OR LITTLE TO NOTHING! My daughter is 5 going on 6 and since she’s been born I got approximately $1220.00. And yes I have been keeping track! So Is that enough for you Charles?Or do you think that was to much?Think I Owe him money now Charles?Huh?He paid to much Charles?Her gymnastics is $375 for the year Charles,but don’t worry I won’t ask him Charles cuz I’m not struggling while he buys himself a new car and buys his strippers and prostitutes clothes jewellery hair appointments and gets their nails done!Huh Charles?Dont take them to court?How about you tell these men to come to their babymother,sit them down and say:hey,here’s how much I make and these are my expenses,I am trying to save for a new car and vacation for my self as well (as an example because everyone who is hardworking is entitled to nice things,right!),okay so babymother I can only afford $200 a month and if you take me to court,based on my income,I will be forced to pay $500 a month and with my bills and me trying to save that will be hard.Is it okay if I give you $200 a month for the next little while and when I get a raise give a little more?And I will help with buying things like shoes clothes etc babysitters,daycare etc.THAT IS THE CONVERSATION THESE MEN NEED TO STEP UP AND HAVE WITH THE MOTHER OF THEIR CHILDREN INSTEAD OF HER DOING THIS: hey Charles can you please help me pay for daycare,hey Charles do you mind helping me pay for this months pizza order for school,hey Charles can you please help me buy baby girl a couple of long sleeve shirts for winter because the ones from last year are too tight.Hey Charles can you help me pay for dance classes,it’s $300,can we split it since your sperm went inside of me and created a human being!!!!Hey Charles Hey Charles Hey Charles……….=court date set for March 12 2016.Charles:why she taking me to court for? And btw CHILD SUPPORT HELPS YOUR CHILD!!

  4. @Rachel…. Fist bump to you sis! THAT’S what I’m talking about! Charles needs a Go Fund Me Account so HE can make payments for all the absentee fathers he is trying so hard to defend! HE makes the deposit…. MOMS make the withdrawal…. NOBODY goes to court…. EVERYBODY is happy!!!

  5. @Rashira Right! Like he was never a baby born into this world that needed taking care of! Charles does need a go fund me account!lol I wonder if he has kids! Poor Charles!

  6. Well, ladies and gents. There you have it. The fabled proud, black Nubian brother that you hear talk of whenever the subject of Black History Month or African American History is proudly expounded upon by our sisters and brothers. So, the next time you hear some drivel about certain crimes that only white people commit (you know the ones), as an attempt to elevate the black male to a higher level of humanity than the rest of society, remember this perp walk. No one race or class of people is better than the other. No matter their histories. R.I.P., safe in your mother’s arms sweet princess. Hopefully this monster will live the remainder of his days wishing for blessed death.

  7. Stop putting men on child support?!?! That just sounds dumb! If you take care of your child MONTHLY, WEEKLY AND DAILY AS YOU SHOULD PROBABLY WANT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THAT!!! People kill me talking about they can’t live…what about the child that you bought into this world? Or should the mother depend on the system to do your part?

  8. Kudos, to Rachel & Rashira, Sir Charles,
    We (as mothers) are not allowed to walk into a court room and tell ANY judge that we decided not to be mothers anymore, so y should a man have a choice to walk away………. ??????

  9. Actually Angela, you do have that option. However, our maternal instinct and love for our child usually gets in the way of that decision. Besides this monster wasn’t worried about being forced to be a father. He was just concerned about having to hand over money to this woman.

  10. Child support allow alot of women to keep doing the wrong thing when they are with their husband because they know too well that the man will pay child support when they are divorced.
    The child support really keep the women at at advantage when things go bad while thesame woman go about fucking other men and still collect money from the man she hate.

  11. @Angela and Linda:Linda is right we can throw away our kids but we LOVE them.These men don’t love heir kids.Now to @Chris:May I remind you that no matter who a woman opens her legs to,her child/children still need to be taken care of by both parents and you mentioning that is HIGHLY IRRELEVANT AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A MAN TAKING CARE OF HIS KIDS.Chris!you act like you men don’t have kids and go around doing the same thing,finding another significant other and having casual sex.To each his own, when it comes to having a partner.But please tell me what that has to do with a child having BOTH parents contribute to their well being.Your speaking out of personal history and not saying anything to defend the children of this generation!!!! support does not allow a woman do to “wrong things”as you said!lol open your eyes,support allows a woman to take care of her children with the support of the child’s father.So what are you telling me,that if the child needs new shoes you shouldn’t pay it because the mother has a new boyfriend?Lol you make no sense Chris,I laughed when I read your note! And if it was the other way around and the father had FULL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CHILD,the mother would be required to pay child support.But that’s not the norm,the norm is the mother takes care of the children while the man goes and finds someone else to sleep with and then forgets he has a child to take care of.This is why Chris,it’s usually the mother the children stay with and its not just because of our maternal instincts to love and care for her kids,but usually the dad bounces!So she has no choice but to step up and be mom and dad!!Child support doesn’t keep the woman at an advantage,it’s to the child’s advantage!!!THE CHILDS ADVANTAGE CHRIS!!Not the fathers,not the mothers,the CHILD.Both parents need to pay for the child’s fees,rearing,etc Food shelter water activities,toys,dinner and a movie whatever it is BOTH need to pay!Including you CHRIS!Take care of your child/children Chris!!!!!So what f a woman is having sex with another man,what does what she does with her vagina have to do with you taking care of your child and building and maintaining a relationship with them??????Men go about and have sex with other woman,find another girlfriend,get married and have sex all the time and good for them do your thang,but it has nothing to do with taking care of your kids.Your sex life and the sex life of the mother of our children should not prevent you from taking care of your children!!So what you gonna tell your kids that you won’t take care of them because mommy is having sex with another man?It won’t make mommy look bad,it will make you look like a damn jack ass, a dead beat!DEAD BEAT!!

  12. When men hear child support the first thought is all the things they can’t buy for themselves. If you think the mother of your child would buy Gucci over food for her own child then YOU are the idiot who should have invested more time in getting to know who you procreate with (beyond her booty, body, cute face). There are so many men who completely emotionally and physically abandon their own kids and end up with a woman with kids…that he doesn’t hesitate to help support in the form of contributing to rent, bills, etc. Step your game up and many women wouldn’t be FORCED to seek assistance via the court system. I have 2 children and have never stepped foot in a family court room…though the relationship didn’t last, it didn’t determine what kind of father he was and would be. Grow up and stop whining about all the video games and Jordans you can’t buy. Smh

  13. @Inka yessssss that’s so true!They don’t want to give the money because they think of the less things they will have.Theres a name for that!Its called selfish!My daughters father bought himself a car when he didn’t even have a license to drive!!And yet he couldn’t even give me $100 a month lol you hit it on the nail!All they think about is themselves and what else they could have spent that $600 on!Like themselves or their next victim!!

  14. The child support SHOULD have dropped forever. All the mothers must have a job to take care of everything instead. And so do fafhers. I know some GOOD men are in jail for that. Fuck child support.

  15. @Johnny sorry I’m not understanding what you saying when you say dropped forever.And what do you mean F child support,do you say that meaning men should help pay for the livelihood of their children or do you mean…….I’m not sure I get you,please clarify!!

  16. So Sad . I don’t have any children but I’ve seen child support abused by some women and I’ve seen it work it’s just ridiculous for this man to have to go this far where he murders his own flesh and blood over $600 . So the system needs to take a depth look into this child support bs. I’m not trying to step down on some of the women but I would rather struggle by myself and take care of my child and the older they get it I will explain to her /him about there father the truth ) One of the problems I’ve seen is revenge because it’s a new girl , threats because they still like him and they still mess around so it’s childish shit also. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t be bothered with a man who doesn’t try to help out with their children but sometimes money isn’t the answer to the problem. RIH with your beautiful mom little angel

  17. *raises hands* I know! I know! Guys like Chris can *clears throat* WEAR A CONDOM! And make sure that you want to risk making a baby with the woman you choose to lay down with! What…too hard to do? *shrug* Pay up then.

  18. Bitch ass nigga as I continue to read about this story ..it really fuck me up in the head knowing some monster kill a mother and a child… this is so devastated they need to kill his ass in jail they need torture that ass in jail.. I hope he get the electric chair…smfh R.i.p.2 both of them

  19. It’s niggers who don’t wanna pay child support. If they had their way, they would make baby after baby after baby and not pay a damn thing. At least REAL MEN take care of their children whether or not they are still with the mother and they DO NOT allow the mother’s to take advantage of them either. What males and females need to do is wear protection or don’t have sex at all. Black males and females have been sexually out of control years. There’s nobody powerful enough to tell these sex-o-holics to close their legs and stop crawling in between too many legs.

  20. Chilsupport don’t care how many women get killed! They use the women like prostitute’s to collect the money from the so called dead bead dad, they take half his check and leave him broke with no money to pay his rent” so he has to live under, a bridge, so wouldn’t you be mad screw the chilsupport division, not the first or last murder to them it’s all about that money $

  21. If you need child support then you shouldn’t be given custody. That will eliminate child support as a hole and get rid of bullshit welfare mom’s and give dad’s the real rights they deserve. Plus dad’s make a better parent because they use to working hard and figuring out problems instead of crying about them and asking for a free hand out..

  22. You wont have child support from me.
    If your sorry ass dont have enough money to raise the child by yourself, then why the hell do you claim custody???

    Im capable enough to raise my child by MYSELF, i dont need any money from the mother of my child and i wont ask her.
    Having said that, why do you think you can ask me for money? If you cant raise our child by yourself, then let me have the custody i can raise her by myself and i wont put you on any kind of bullshit child support.

    Basically you want to take my daughter away from me and still take my money??? NO!!! FUCK YOU!!! You either raise her by yourself, or i will, youre not having both my daugther and my money while your lazy ass stays at home fucking other dudes

  23. I think both parents need to split the cost of taking care of the child. Meaning split custody, each pay your own household expenses, split outside expenses ie. healthcare, daycare, babysitting, extra curricular activities etc, both have access to teachers and doctors info, both have access to passport and all other documents etc. But this doesn’t happen because SOME men don’t want to do anything at all for the child.So woman get full custody and take then men to court so they can pay, HOWEVER!!!!!! There are plenty woman who abuse the system ie. have a man that wants to take care of his kids and spend time with them and contribute money they can AFFORD and take care of their kids but the mother wants money instead. So they keep the child from the father, take away his rights to see the child, access school and doctor info etc etc while having their hand out. That’s wrong. My daughters father has been in and out of jail by choice, on welfare by choice, hustling by choice, pimping by choice. I have full custody because of his life style and he’s here and there. Not consistently in her life, doesn’t have contact or see her regular.HOWEVER!!!! If he wants to call the school or doctor he can, he spends time with her whenever he wants, we have no formal arrangement as to when he can see her, why? BECAUSE SHES HIS CHILD TO!!!! That being said, because he chooses not to get a job and live right, I still don’t bother taking him to court for child support….. for what? I don’t even ask anymore. Whenever he decides to give me $10 I will say thanks and leave it at that. Last time I asked him for money a few years ago he said don’t you have a job? Meaning we both brought this child into this world but you pay for everything while I spend my welfare money on my hooker girlfriend that I’m prostituting ! Lol but anyway that’s between him and God! I’ve had girls suggest I take him to court for some of his $500 welfare cheque which I would get $100 out of lol for what? Waste of my time and court time as well! Not worth it. I shouldn’t have to do that. He should at least be willing to give me $50 a month!! But he doesn’t want to. He knows all the expenses I have to pay for my daughter (outside the household expenses), and doesn’t care. Well ladies take a page from my book. Leave him right there for God to handle. Well at least my daughters father gave me money this year for her birthday party $80 and actually bought he a gift this year!!! I’m grateful!! God is good!!!!!

  24. People are STILL talking about this story a year and a half later?? Amazing!! However, I don’t feel sorry for the mother. She tried putting THREE men on support and had NO idea who the father was. He didn’t kill her because they had a child. He killed her because she destroyed this man financially via the fucking joke we call TITLE IV-D of the Social Security Act. Unfortunately, the child was nothing more than collateral damage. It sucks that his killed his kid, too. Then again you can force a man to pay for the day in the orchard (AKA “Dick and Cider”) without forcing a rollaway bed to let a man see his child.

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