Woman Rushed Into Emergency for C-Section…But No Baby is in Her Tummy


*Oh damn. I know every woman reading this, who has gone through labor, can feel this woman’s pain.

So here you are, cramping like its nobody’s business for hours on end. Finally, you can’t take it anymore, and you allow somebody to call 911 or take you to the emergency room themselves.

That’s what happened to this mother of four. Amber Hughes went into labor at 30 weeks (according to this site its usually 40 for full term). This wasn’t really a surprise to her because doctors had warned her that, since she lost her mucus plug at 24 weeks, early labor was more than possible.

But then Hughes learned that the baby had an infection after she had gone through 36 hours of hard labor (and here I was complaining at 17!!!) and she was rushed to emergency.

So why did she not actually hear the baby doing that whole birth-cry thing as the doctors were mulling around in her open stomach?

Because the baby had another plan…

And decided to slip out the natural way at the very same moment the C-section was happening.

What are the odds that little Olly would actually be found under the sheets?


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