Stop Complaining About that Mole, This Could’ve Happened!


*I’m not even gonna front. I complain about stuff. How I don’t look like I used to? And why is this so this and that so that.

You know how it is.

But so often we come up against something at makes us complainers want to slap ourselves. What on earth do we have to complain about?

Imagine if we had a REAL problem…like tree-trunk-looking warts growing all over our body?

Uh huh. That’s what I thought.

Follow me.

Its probably not new news to hear about people in international countries having diseases we have never heard of. But when I came across this man (and quite frankly, that was years ago) I was like.

Uh. Uh. And just turned the page because I couldn’t even deal with seeing it.

But Abdul Bazadar, a handsome 25-year-old man who lives in Bangladesh, has endured Human Pappiloma Virus since he was a boy.


The virus causes massive warts to grow from the body — in this case, Bazadars hands and feet.

And when I say massive, I mean huge. But when I say warts…well, let’s just say I’m not talking about a skin tag.

wart 1

See what I mean? How do you live a “normal life” looking like this?

But it is what Bazadar has been trying to do since he was 10 years old. Now the rickshaw driver has become known as “Tree Man” in his town.

Human Pappiloma Virus affects the skin and moist membranes that line your body. And while there are more than 30 types in this group of viruses, 30 are also known to affect the genitalia area.

wart 2

To read more and see how the virus has affected Bazadar’s family, visit


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