Watch: Woman Gets Mugged Visiting Husband at Cemetery, Then This Happened…

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Screen shot of man who robbed elderly lady in cemetery.

*Think you know how low someone can go? Well you haven’t met this guy.

This is not a NEW story, but some stories are worth bringing back; if only to serve as a reminder that YOU ARE NOT SAFE ANYWHERE!

My apologies if this is not something you wanted to hear as you sip on your morning coffee or herb tea.

Tona Herndon, 78, had lost her beloved of 60-years only two weeks ago in 2013 and as she was visiting him at the cemetery she got mugged.

CBS “On The Road” told her story. Hearndon, who lives in Bethany, Oklahoma, told the media she didn’t even know what was happening until she was halfway in the car.

But that’s not even the story, THIS is…

The mugger was caught soon after. Police put his mugshot online and he was instantly identified by none other than…


Watch the 3:03 minute video report below for the full story. But be warned: You will need a tissue. 

As of January 30, 2016 — 68, 656 people had “liked” the video on Facebook. And it was shared 148, 978 times.

And you might want to take a look at some of the comments on Facebook.

Here’s the video. Have that tissue handy, then please share your thoughts in the “comments” section.

I’d bet a pot of gold that dude is going straight to hell for this one!

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