Southern Cali Gym Bans Public Nudity. Whyyyyy???


*Just as I’m putting together my master plan to relocate to southern California, the Huntington Beach City Gym and Pool has thrown a wrench in the mix and banned public nudity in the facility.

Yes, they’ve allowed it in the past. Which is probably why I wanna live in southern California. But I digress.

Since 2007, the Naturists of OC has rented the gym for private gatherings at which attendees play various sports — basketball, volleyball, and swimming among them — all while naked.

Swimming naked’s a regular event at my house.  Basketball typically is a clothed activity for me, but I’ll try anything once.  And volleyball? THAT I wanna see!The Orange County Register reported recently that the events were nixed in September after City Manager Fred Wilson banned gymnasium nudity. He says city employees found it too danged difficult to work with dicks dangling.

I’d be more productive. Hell, to keep it real, I’m naked as I type this.

The nudists are asking the City Council to rescind Wilson’s order.

I guess they are.  I’ll be keeping my eye on this story — and on lots of other things in the OC.

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