Can We Help Marley Collect A Thousand ‘Black Girl Books’ By Feb 1?

Marley Dias

*Talk about a challenge. Here’s one for ya!

Eleven year old Marley Dias is my type of girl! If there is something she wants to change, she doesn’t sit back and ask WHO is going to do it. SHE does it!

Marley was sick and tired of reading books her school assigned. She simply had nothing in common with white boys and dogs. Period.

So she told her mother, Janice Dias, about her displeasure and mom asked, “So what are you going to do about it?”

Marley’s initial idea was to create a book guide that featured black characters, according to Huffington Post. But then she took the idea up a notch and came up with #1000BlackGirlBooks in November. It’s a book drive where she collected books that had black girls as the main characters instead of the sidekicks or background characters.

So with this, Marley, who works with her mom’s organization GrassROOTS Community Foundation, plans to collect 1000 books by Feb. 1, to donate to children. 

On Feb. 11, she’ll travel to  St. Mary, Jamaica, her mother’s hometown, to host a book festival and give the books to schools and libraries. Marley said she hopes this book drive helps more young black girls read about characters they can relate to. So far, she’s collected nearly 500 books.

“I know there’s a lot of black girl books out there, I just haven’t read them,” she said. “So if we started this I would find them and other people would be able to read them, as well,” Marley told HP.

Now in case you think this act of philanthropy just came out of nowhere. Think again.

This young lady has (as our elders used to say) “been here before.”

Marley won a “Disney Friends for Change” grant that allowed her to teach girls how to tap into their talents at a youth empowerment camp. She gave food to orphans in Ghana, works in a soup kitchen and even has a nonprofit called BAM, which stands for the first letter in the three girls’ names that works with her: Briana, Amina and Marley.

I couldn’t let this one pass, readers. It may be short notice, but if you can donate a book where the black girl is the star, please visit Marley’s website and let her know.

Send books by February 1st to:
GrassROOTS Community Foundation
59 Main Street, Suite 323, West Orange, NJ 07052

Books of any age are welcomed. You may also donate for the purchase of books.  Suggested donation: $10.


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