Update: Arizona Students & Those T-Shirts: ‘Sensitivity Training’ My Foot!


*OK, so you’ve most likely heard about the group of attention-starved Caucasian girls, all seniors at Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, Arizona, who set social media on fire when they decided to pose for and upload a photo of themselves wearing black T-shirts, each emblazoned with a shiny gold letter that, when standing together, reads the N-word, right?

Now, feeling pressured to DO SOMETHING, a school district official released a somewhat safe-sounding statement that the six girls involved in the incident are facing disciplinary action.

“The students will be disciplined in accordance with district policy and while we don’t discuss specific discipline I can tell you that will be addressing the obvious need for sensitivity training in this case,” the official said. 

Sensitivity training. Seriously?

I train people all the time. You can’t TRAIN somebody to be sensitive. Either they are already or they are not.

Sensitivity training on these stupid, giggly little twits would be a waste of some trainer’s time and an employers money. They knew exactly what they were doing. Trying to get attention. That’s why they uploaded the photo.

The question here is, why THAT word? Were they also trying to impress their white male counterparts; who may have jealousy over who these girls may gravitate towards when they think no one is watching?

And yes, I am, in this case, making the conscious assumption that THAT word is describing a black male.

I agree with one comment made by kates1221 who said:

These dummies are so dense, they don’t even realize that they’ve done something that is going to negatively affect everything they do for the rest of their lives. I’d love to be in the room when they go for a job interview and a black man or woman comes in to interview them. AFTER checking their social media page, which has become routine for businesses these days. Idiots.

Anyway, sensitivity training would do little to nothing for the mindset of what is most likely a group of privileged, attention-seeking, pimply-faced high school girls; who after the five-day suspension will be just as clueless as they were in the days that led up to it.

This is a judgement call I not only make, but also, proudly stand by. 



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