True Dedication: Nurse Walks Through Blizzard in NYC to Get to Her Patients!

Nurse walks through blizzard

*I must admit, one thing that keeps me in southern California is the fact that I don’t have to shovel snow. As a girl who lived in both New York and Virginia, that is a chore that still seems like yesterday and I don’t miss it NOT ONE BIT. So when I think about a person who does something as heroic as walk miles through a blizzard to get to work, my entire body trembles.

Chantelle Diabate, a 32-year-old nurse, braved the icy cold snow — all 26.8 inches of it — and winds blowing forty-miles-per-hour, because she was driven by the thought, “I love my patients.”

She was the only staff member who made it to work that day.

And today she is being hailed as a shero by everyone at the Hebrew Home in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, New York.

Sure Diabate, the mother of a 3-year-old, had the same thoughts as her colleagues: to take the day off when she heard that public transportation had been shut down (even the buses couldn’t get through!!!).

But then Chantelle thought about her patients.

“I walked for about an hour and all I kept thinking was, I really love my patients,” Diabate told the New York Daily News.

Hebrew House cares for upwards of 840 elderly patients, and Diabate has only been with the facility for a little over six months.

The dedicated nurse and mother made sure that her young daughter was in good hands, then secured a place to sleepover near work, before deciding on working overtime.

“We see them a lot. We’re like family,” Diabate said about the staff and patients at Hebrew House. “I’m tired but I decided to work a double shift. They need me,” she added.

Chantelle Diabate
Chantelle Diabate

“A friend walked with me and fell. At first I started out kind of like speed walking on ice. But then I realized this is like a workout and it’s dangerous,” she said. “Then I thought, you know what? A slow and steady pace is going to get me there, eventually.”

With such proven dedication, Chantelle, you should NEVER be without a good job!

Kudos to you, lady!




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