Yeah I Said It!: Drunk Ass Female ‘Doctor’ Victimizes Uber Driver (Watch)

Uber Technologies Inc. signage stands inside the company's office prior to Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, speaking in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Monday, March 24, 2014. Rubio addressed the need to adapt antiquated government regulations to increase economic opportunities for the 21st century and outdated regulations limit consumer choice. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

*Over the past few years I can honestly say that I have given Uber, the transportation service that has revolutionized the taxi industry, a small fortune. Until only a week ago, I used them regularly as my means of transportation. Several days a week I would get in the car, generally sit in the front (Uber prides itself in marketing its like riding with a friend), and always find something to talk about with the driver. By the time we reach my destination we have become “friends” of sorts.

I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I am a “5” customer (yes, riders are actually rated on a scale of 0-5, just like we rate the drivers). And even with some of the horror stories we’ve read about dealings with Uber, 95% of the time when troubles occur its because some drunk ass fool that called Uber for service, created it.

In my experience these drivers, many of whom are just working the service to pay for the new cars they are driving (this, in addition to a 2nd job) usually bend over backwards to be accommodating. “Would you like me to change the station?” “Is it too hot/cold?” Would you like a bottle of water or some gum?” are some of the questions I have been asked by them.

They didn’t sign up for half the crap they have to endure.

Many of the drivers have shared stories with me about the types of people they pick up. The men, especially, share how they hate when they go to certain areas, on certain days (the start of the weekend especially), where they know inherently the person(s) they pick up is going to be drunk.

Like the woman in this story (seen in the video below).

In what appears to be some sense of false security or privilege, the obviously drunk young woman went on her own personal rampage; destroying the Uber drivers property as she mocks what she hears the driver saying to the authorities over the phone.

“You don’t know who the fuck you’re messing with,” she says to the driver–all up in his face–at the beginning of the video. The driver could’ve easily manhandled this woman; but he just continues to hold her by the wrists so that she doesn’t have the ability to hit him.

Eventually, he pushes her to the ground and tries to run and get into his car. But the woman jumps up and climbs into the front passenger seat.

The driver never made it inside the car.

“Get in the car you piece of disgusting fucking shit” she yells at him; as she begins to throw anything she can get her hands on in the car, outside.

Papers are flying everywhere.

Meanwhile the people watching — who are obviously friends of hers because they says things like, “C’mon ‘Angie” — do nothing to intervene. They comment throughout about how crazy she is and she responds in agreement and continues her behavior.

It is even said that the Uber was called by the person videotaping.

The driver is obviously describing to the cops that she is being belligerent and assaulting him.  The woman, whose behavior quickly went viral after a social media posting net over 2 million views, tauntingly states in response, “Oh yeah. I’m assaulting you. I’m a 5-foot woman that weighs 108-lbs.”

Proving her brain is only a minute part of that weight, Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon of the University of Miami was quickly identified and dealt with by her employer.

And can you believe this? According to the man who recorded the video, when police arrived on the scene and handcuffed Ramkissoon, she tried to assault them – right before she started crying and apologizing; begging not to be arrested or else she’d lose her medical license.

I repeat: some people should not drink alcohol.

And as for the university, they couldn’t make a statement fast enough in an attempt to downplay, er…clarify their association with the disgrace.

“Anjali Ramkissoon, a fourth-year neurology resident employed by Jackson Health System, has been placed on administrative leave, effective immediately, and removed from all clinical duties. Jackson has launched an internal investigation. The outcome of the investigation will determine if any disciplinary action will be taken, up to and including termination.”

Please tell me what you think of the fact that the people who were with her did absolutely NOTHING to physically stop this woman from going berserk on this man and his property? What kind of friends are these who simply stand around and record, and make comments? Do you feel someone should have grabbed this lightweight woman and helped calm her down? If it were me (and it never would be) that is what I would hope my friends would do.

Check out the video directly below.



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