Craigslist Ad Was Behind This Deadly Home Invasion


*A lot of folks are a bit spooked when it comes to anything associated with Craigslist – the online site where you can find ads for jobs, gigs, product, cars, dates and ANYTHING conceivable to the human mind.

Yes, if you have the brain capacity to think it up, you can probably find it for sale or for free on Craigslist. Which is why, although there are many perfectly legit ads on the site, as is the case with any site you have to be very careful. If the freaks come out anywhere, they are more than likely to come out on Craigslist.

Case in point.

A homeowner placed an ad on Craigslist which resulted in a deadly home invasion after one of the two men who visited his home as a result of the ad ended up dead. According to ABC News, KMGH-TV recorded a police spokesperson saying, the two men tied the homeowner up and I can’t tell you whether items were taken from the home, but they wanted the keys to his car.”

According to the report, one of the men did end up taking an SUV, but the homeowner, who was able to escape their clutches long enough to retrieve his gun, ran outside and shot and hit the man (one of the suspects) who attempted to drive away.

The man later died at the hospital and police are searching for the second suspect: a Hispanic male.

The spokeswoman says it is too early for them to determine which way the case will go. But so far, the homeowner is not facing any charges.

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