Police Need Your Help: Is This Dollar General Employee a Serial Rapist?


*We have all heard of people taking advantage of their position at work. Managers who use their title to bully employees; others use it to demean or torture those they are jealous of, etc. But this dude really takes the proverbial cake.

Robert Lindlau, an assistant manager of a Dollar General store in Clarksville, Tennessee, found a new way of reprimanding the women he suspected was stealing from his store.

Instead of calling the police to question or arrest them, he took matters into his own hands and used the opportunity…

To rape them.

And now police would like to know if this has been his mode of operandi beyond his two latest victims.

According to what the women, ages 44 and 22, told police, Lindlau escorted them to a back room and ordered them to get naked and perform oral sex on him.

Lindlau accompanied this request with the threat that he had already called the cops, but not to worry, they still had time to do the dirty deed ’cause the police usually take about an hour to show up.

Police confirm NO CALL had been placed from this store during the time frame of these assaults.

On Tuesday, Lindlau was arrested at his Clarksville home and indicted on two counts of rape, according to the NY Daily News.

Police said the two women “were in fear for their safety and felt that they had no choice but to comply with Mr. Lindlau’s demands.”


Police want to know if Lindlau is a serial rapist. Anyone involved in similar incidents with the Dollar General employee is asked to call Clarksville Police Department at 931-648-0656 Ext. 5269, or CrimeStoppers at 931-645-TIPS(8477).

I’ll bet a ton of gold these two women were not his first victims. You?


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