Mess With Me Will Ya? Profiled Student Wins $45K Against Barney’s NYC

Trayon Christian, Barney's NY

*Trayon Christian, an African American student who said he was racially profiled at Barney’s in New York City has a victory under his belt.

Perhaps the very same Ferragano belt he purchased for $349 of his hard earned money, but was then arrested by cops who didn’t believe he could afford it.

Christian, a former engineering student at the New York City College of Technology, said he was followed out of the store after making the purchase. He told  The NY Daily News in October 2013, “They said my card wasn’t real, it was fake. They said someone at Barneys called to report it.”

The cops could not wrap their brains around how a young black man could afford the designer belt and opened their mouth to actually let the ignorance escape.

“The detectives were asking me, ‘How could you afford a belt like this? Where did you get this money from?’” according to Christian, who was taken to the 19th Precinct when his truthful responses did not satisfy the jealous officers.

It seems by now people would have learned where such ignorance can hit them. In this case, the pocket.

Barney’s, who has shelved out thousands of dollars to settle racial claims in the past, coughed up a whopping $45,000 for this one.

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