5-foot Shark Found In Florida Condo Swimming Pool

Shark photo

*One of my favorite places to be during the summer months is poolside. With the advent of modern technology (ie laptops, the internet, and a great wifi connection) I can spend hours there, working and playing.

But when I dip my toe in the water, or go for a midnight skinny dip, I do NOT expect to have to keep an eye out for a shark.

A living, breathing 5-foot Blacktip shark.

Nicole Bonk noticed one in the pool of a Florida condo where she was visiting friends last week. According to some reports, she’d seen two boys dump the shark into the pool earlier in the month, with hooks still in its mouth.

Why’d she wait until now to act? God knows.

She and her husband reportedly pulled the shark out of the pool, carried it to the Intracoastal 
Waterway, held the shark by the tail so it could purge some of the chlorinated pool water it had taken in, and released it into the ocean.

“We tried to revive him but he most likely did not live,” Bonk told the Sun Sentinal newspaper. “He was barely moving after the trauma. We did our best to try to save this creature.”

Except for coming to its rescue — or calling authorities — immediately after she saw the boys dump it in the pool.

Bonk eventually reported the incident to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. They are allegedly investigating the incident.

The Blacktip shark reaches up to 6-feet and is named for the black tip on its fins. It is common to Florida’s coastal waters, bays and estuaries.

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  1. Sounds like a case of too little, too late…this story also makes me wonder who else saw the shark and ignored it? 🙁

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