Plane Too Crowded–Wanna Fly ‘On Top’…Now There’s a Patent for That!


*Face it, people are out there getting patents for things us regular folk never even dreamed of. Did you ever in your wildest dreams think about sitting ON TOP of an airliner, in a glass bubble, as it sped from say, New York to California?

If your answer is “Hell no!” you are right in line with most people reading this article. Guess that makes us slow–because now, thanks to new technology called “The SkyDeck”–you won’t have to settle for a window seat.

Described as a 360-degree, teardrop-shaped bubble, “The SkyDeck” technology might immediately take the mind of baby-boomers back to the old cartoon known as “The Jetsons.” It definitely favors what we saw them flying around in back then; with the only difference being, THIS seat is on TOP of the plane.

And be prepared to shell out anywhere from $8 – $25 MILLION for the ride. But the price will  depend on what type of airliner it’s installed on.

Wondering whether you will feel any of the breeze from the speed of that fast-moving plane on your face? And whether that same face will look like the frightening, contorted faces you’ve seen of those skydivers?

skydiver face

Worry not.

The outer bubble of the SkyDeck will be made of materials similar to those used for the windows of supersonic fighter jets. It will even have a UV protective layer for those worried about flying too close to the sun.

But wait! That’s not all. To get the full effect of this new experience, passengers will access the two seats via a hidden staircase and once it is let down and they are seated inside the bubble, they will be able to rotate their seats to see what it’s really like to fly at 300,000 feet.

Dizzy much?

“Current inflight entertainment offerings have not changed much over the decades,” aerospace technology company Windspeed told CNN. “We wanted to come up with a product that would provide a higher level of entertainment to reduce the boredom of long flights.”

That’ll do it…for about an hour.

But before we get carried away with this new technology remember, its in its infancy stages. They have only filed for a PATENT.

Still, you know how these techies can be once they get an idea in their heads, the reality of it can’t be far behind. They’re hoping some VIP traveler will shelve over big money to give it a shot. And maybe multiple travelers can use it on a pay-per-view basis.

Take a look-see at the video. Would you want a test-ride? Maybe we can hook you up with a plus-one 🙂

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