Female Photographer Makes Her Living Taking Pictures of What??? (Watch)

Soraya Doolbaz
Soraya Doolbaz

*Talk about taking the title “game-changer” to the next level! We would all like to think we’ve got the next greatest idea, but some of y’all might be asking yourself, “why didn’t I think of this?” Especially if I can charge upwards of $10K for it.

What the hell am I talking about?

Dick pics. Her words. Not Mine. Judge me all you want for not easing you into this. This ain’t church. I ain’t even gonna front.

And neither is Soraya Doolbaz, who obviously has no shame in her game; especially when she heads to the bank to deposit the $10,000 she collects for her limited edition prints.

And did I mention she also gets tips?

“Back when I was single I would get a ton of dick pics, and my friends and I would show them to each other” the pretty photographer tells us in the video (scroll down). She continues, “And I thought, what if I took them, with a professional camera?”

But Doolbaz didn’t just start meeting fellas and taking pictures. The girl put some real thought into it before hanging up her shingle.

“And so I started collecting costumes, and then I would talk about it with girlfriends. And then slowly people can forward and said, ‘oh my god, you’ve gotta shoot my boyfriend. I’m seeing this guy, he would love to do this!”

And Doolbaz’s business was born.

In the New York Post video below, Doolbaz explains her next move of dressing up schlongs in little doll outfits and shooting them as a so-called “Penis Fashion Photographer.” She even features one Republic presidential unhopeful called “Donald The Dick Trump” and another, the infamous Kim Dong-un.

Trump dic pic photographer
Guess who?

Soon the women started pouring in. Led by their prize pieces, of course, to be photographed. While it was the women who brought them, one can only imagine the awkwardness of the warming up or getting comfortable experience.

“I would make arrangements with women and they would bring their partner forward,” says Doolbaz, as we see her in extremely close proximity of her target; seemingly sizing it up (no pun intended) in preparation for the shot.

And she looks serious.

“I make appointments with the women, who would bring their partners forward. And obviously the girl would fluff. And I’d stand on a chair and take a lot of dick pics,” says Doolbaz, who, at this particular phase just happens to be shooting a brother.

She concludes with, “And it took off from there.”

Michael Lewis, the brother who posed for Doolbaz in this sitting has an interesting way of wording, “It feels like sometimes guys get the short end of the stick when it comes to sex so (inaudible)…everyone wants to feel desirable,” he says.

And then we see another method used to er, entice the target. I’ll save this for the video. Not for the prudish or faint of heart…or those others we mentioned earlier, cause after all, we know they wouldn’t approve.

Explicit video directly below.


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