Fifth Suspect in Brooklyn Gang-Rape, Arrested (Video)


*With regard to the rape of an 18-year-old woman in Brooklyn on January 7, a fifth suspect, known as the ringleader, has now been arrested.

The victim had been drinking with her father in the Osborn Playground when the group of teens brazenly approached them; one threatening the father with a gun and demanding him to leave.

When the father left to get help, the men gang-raped the woman.

According to a report by CBS New York, the fifth teen, 17-year-old Travis Beckford, was tracked down at his school and arrested recently. He is also the one said to have threatened the father with a gun.

The other four suspects—two 15-year-olds, a 14-year-old and another 17-year-old—are awaiting arraignment after being held as adults on charges of rape, forcible compulsion, a criminal sex act and sexual abuse, the news station notes.

Fortunately for the youngest suspect, police have video, according to his attorney, that proves his innocence.

“It’s not indicative of anyone under force and, it’s not indicative of anyone who’s been beaten or bruised, and it’s not indicative of anyone who shows any bruises to their face,” said attorney Kenneth Montgomery.


The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office asked for $500,000 bail for each suspect. The bonds that were set for the suspects, two of whom said the sex was consensual, are of varied amounts.

Community leaders were once again expressing their disgust Tuesday morning.

“It’s outrage that a woman in this community would be allegedly raped,” said community activist Tony Herbert.

Travis Beckford is led out of school by authorities.
Travis Beckford is led out of school by authorities.

As I write this, I am stunned at the audacity of these teen boys. How do you walk up on an older man and young woman, not so far-fetched that they would be father and daughter, and do something like this? And then, how does a daughter feel about a father who left her there, irregardless of the reason why. And how does the father reconcile having done this in his own head?

Listen, on the one hand, I certainly understand the wisdom and even the courage it must’ve taken for this father to make that decision. With a gun pointed at him, he would probably have been killed otherwise. But girls are raised to believe that daddy will protect them…by any means necessary.

But how can you protect her if you left her?

Wow. This is hard to wrap one’s head around. Where did we go wrong raising young men who have no respect AT ALL for elders; not to mention women.

Watch the CBS New York  video report directly below and please give your thoughts to some of the questions I posed.

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