Woman Admits to Killing Drunk Boyfriend…On Facebook!

Headshot, Nakasia James
Nakasia James

*She asked the Lord to forgive her, so I guess that stands for something.

What, I do not know.

But Nakasia  Macc James decided to go big and announce killing her ex-boyfriend on Facebook of all places. In a post littered with teary-eyed emoticons (scroll down), she said her ex-boyfriend was “drunk off ej && was fightn me.” The 18-year-old actually started the post off saying she wanted to “tell ya nw be4 I get caught.” She later lets us know that she is “on the run.”

Facebook has set a new record for people choosing its platform to confess their heinous crimes.

Remember Derek Medina? The man who slaughtered his wife and posted a photograph of her dead body, along with a confession, on the site? The message read: “Im going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife,” wrote Derek Medina, 31, of South Miami. “(L)ove you guys miss you guys take care Facebook people you will see me in the news.”

Of course once FB was alerted, the message was deleted.

But 21-year-old Dorian Powell was the victim of this latest crime. And The Los Angeles Times reports James is being sought by police in San Bernadino, Calif. after a domestic disturbance call was placed around 2:30 a.m. Monday that ended with a woman stabbing her boyfriend.

Powell was deceased by the time the cops got to his apartment and James was nowhere to be found. The San Bernadino police released a statement (below) and they are actively looking for the woman, and says she is aware of this.

“Nakasia is aware that she is being sought in connection with this homicide. At this time it does appear to be related to a domestic disturbance inside the apartment.”

 Police say the Facebook post admitting to the murder is definitely James’ account

See the original Facebook post directly below.

My goodness, in all seriousness, my heart aches for this woman. She doesn’t appear to be a murderer (I am not defending her, just sayin’). She looks like she could be someone any of us knows.

This is just messy all around.

Facebook woman admits to murder,


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  1. This bitch is dum as fuck like really I hope she get life and go In to withdraw and then realize that she was very wrong cause I have a girlfriend but do u see me going for a knife fuck no!!! And I feel bad for her boyfriends parents rip for her boyfriend but I hope her soul goes to HELLL!!!!! Cause that’s just wrong it brakes my hart to see so much vilance these days and Bitch u aren’t sorry

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