Health: Trina Robinson-Kemie, Mommy and Fitness Guru, Can Use Your Help…Now!

Trina, facebook photo
Trina Robinson-Kemie (Facebook)

*Imagine being a mom and you’ve just come home from work and your precious little 3-year-old is running towards you; arms outstretched, eyes gleaming. She sees no one else. She is focused on you! Right now, reaching you is her one goal in life and NOTHING is going to get in her way because all she wants to do is …

Give mommy a hug.

And as much as mommy loves the hugs from her babies, she doesn’t really look forward to them.

Because they hurt.

Why, you may ask, would something so loving as a hug be painful? If you suffer from the condition called Diastasis Recti, which can occur after childbirth, you know the pain is real. And many of the actions we take for granted in our daily lives, are actions someone suffering from the condition has to position themselves for, beforehand.

Like that hug… Let’s try it turning sideways. Nope. Still hurts.

Diastasis Recti is defined as a separation of the two halves of the rectus abdominus muscle; The outermost abdominal muscles which covers the front surface of the belly. explains this in layman’s terms: “When women are pregnant- the two halves of the rectis will separate a bit to accommodate for your growing baby. After the baby is born, the abdomen retracts but rarely does the abdomen come completely together without specific exercises.”

Trina in front of dance studio
Robinson-Kemie (kneeling in front) with students and teachers outside of her Burbank, California dance studio (Facebook)

The site continues by adding, “If the rectis abdominis does not retract completely postpartum, there will be a gap where the linea Alba ( a fibrous structure that runs down the mid-line of the abdomen in humans and other vertebrates) is, in front of the small intestine. These postpartum moms have the tendency to develop a hernia.”

…An Umbilical Hernia, which is a side effect of the condition.

Thought you knew pain?

Trina Robinson-Kemie might want to give you a run for your money on that one!

The former professional-dancer-turned-personal trainer has suffered with the condition since giving birth to her son Traustin five years ago, and it was exacerbated after she gave birth to Trinity, her 3-year-old daughter.

So she underwent surgery in 2013 to correct it. At that time a piece of plastic mesh, 10 x 14, was inserted into her abdominal cavity, which made life excruciatingly painful for the dance studio owner and teacher, after the mesh tore open years later and placed her in the same painful position that she was in before.

On her GoFundMe page, which was created on January 3, 2016, Robinson-Kemie states,

“Every day my abdominals hurt, my pelvis hurts, because of the surgery and the mesh pressing against my abdominals, my lower abdominal, I have to have a Fallopian tube removed because it caused an infection.”

Imagine being in pain every time you wear a pair of jeans, or wear a belt or put on your seat belt?

And don’t forget about those hugs from your lovable little ones.

This is something no one would want to go through and no mother should have to bear. And although Robinson-Kemie has insurance, the doctor that she needs to see doesn’t accept it.

Robinson-Kemie, who shows her abdominal scars in the video says,

“I’ve seen over 15 doctors out there and they won’t even help me with the situation. It’s very challenging when you have this pain and suffering…when you are trying to live a better life, and help other people with their lifestyle and fitness level.”

To date, Robinson-Kemie’s GoFundMe campaign has raised $461 of the $15,000 she needs by January 25. She asks for your support (any level of support will be appreciated) and for you to SHARE her request. If you can help, please visit her page here.







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