Woman Kicked Out of Florida Hospital Emergency Room, Dies Shortly Thereafter

Barbara Dawson

*A Florida woman is dead today, after being kicked out of Liberty Calhoun Hospital in Tallahassee, Florida. Why an obviously distressed person was being forced out of an emergency room is at this point, anyone’s guess. Yet Barbara Dawson was, and she has paid the ultimate price because of it.

A press conference attended by Ms. Dawson’s family and the media revealed audio along with a 2 ½-hour video showing a Blountstown police officer arriving at the hospital. The footage had been captured by police audio and dash-cam video.

On the recording an officer is heard trying to persuade Dawson to leave the hospital’s emergency room.

Dawson sounds distressed, but lucid enough to be offended that someone has called the cops. She is heard (as if talking to someone else in the room) saying, “Oh no they didn’t” repeatedly. Then, as the officer continues, in a threatening tone, asking her to leave, Dawson repeats, “Oh my God. Oh my God.”

The officer then asks someone to identify themselves, and their relationship to Dawson. At this point Dawson, obviously becoming more and more distressed says, “Don’t say nothing, Pat.”  

The officer apparently disconnects something (we later learn oxygen tubing was disconnected) and Dawson screams, “You can’t do that,” to which the officer responds, “Oh yes I can.”

Dawson calls out to someone, Miss Close (?) and says “Now I’m not feeling good. And they don’t know [that] the police is in here. Now you need to get here, ’cause see somebody, and see I can’t really hardly breathe. And this man done took this thing off (referring to the cop) and the oxygen.

From this moment everything goes downhill. The cop apparently forcefully removes Dawson, who screams for help and constantly says, “I can’t breathe.”

She begs for “Pat” to help her, but the woman replies softly, “I can’t do nothing.”

Warning: Hear the GRAPHIC 19-minute ABC audio here.

According to reports, dash cam video shows that Dawson collapsed about 1 to 2 feet from the police car while the officer reaches for his car keys.

The officer is heard on audio saying Dawson is being “non-compliant,” “faking” and refusing to get in the police car.

As Dawson lay propped against the police car — in obvious distress, (see picture below) a nurse checked her pulse.

The cop and the nurse tried numerous times to get Dawson into the police car.

Dawsuit collapse

Finally, after 18 minutes, a doctor came out, said Dawson’s condition “appeared to have changed” and readmitted her to the hospital.

Later that day Dawson died.

The hospital lists her cause of death as pulmonary embolism caused by morbid obesity.

At the time of her death, Dawson weighed 270 pounds.

This case is being investigated by multiple agencies.

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According to Darryl Parks, one of the attorney’s representing the family of Barbara Dawson, “We have heard that time and time again how everyone was acting with due speed to assist her. Now that we have that tape we know that is not true. “There was not deliberate speed and who was assessing her at the side of the car was inconsistent.”


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