Update: Dad Arrested in Murder of Pregnant Daycare Teacher (Video)

Andrea Caruth
Andrea Caruth

*Right on the heels of the devastating story we released earlier today about Andrea Caruth, the daycare owner found dead in her Bronx residence, police have identified her killer as 61-year-old William Caruth.

Her father.

No formal cause of death has been released by the medical examiner, but authorities did report that the 39-year-old woman, who was five months pregnant, was strangled and hit with blunt force on her head.

Caruth’s father was arrested after being interviewed by police.

“I can’t believe it,” friend Marjorie Johnson Fitzwilliam said at a vigil for Andrea Wednesday night. “How could a father kill his own child? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Sources say it appears William Caruth had been stealing money from his daughter and took out a second mortgage on the home he shared with her and her boyfriend without her knowledge. When Andrea Caruth discovered what happened, she confronted her father, which apparently led to the deadly confrontation, the sources said. 

William Caruth (inset)
William Caruth (inset)

Caruth said nothing to reporters as he was led from a police station Wednesday night to appear before a judge. It wasn’t immediately clear if he had an attorney.

According to a family friend who wished to remain anonymous, money was a constant sore spot between the father and daughter; who is said to have had a “stormy relationship.” The same person adds that Andrea was “strong-headed.”

But friends, neighbors and even the parents of her daycare kids had nothing but kind words to say about Andrea; who was excitedly looking forward to having her first child.

One person even admits Mr. Caruth may not have known he was set to be a grandfather.

“I don’t think he was aware of that because the boyfriend mentioned that he told him that night that she was pregnant,” said Nigel Fitzwilliam, suggesting the father found out while his daughter was reported missing.

Friends and family released red and white balloons at a vigil near Andrea’s home tonight.

“She was a loving person who holds no grudge against nobody,” friend Julia McCall, who became concerned after failing to hear from Caruth during a planned brunch Sunday, said earlier. “She was a wonderful, wonderful person, the best friend I ever had.”


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