Daughter of U. S. Attorney Gen. Arrested, Parents Demand ‘No Special Treatment’


*Hey, if your mama was the highest law official in the land, and you got arrested, would you stay mum about who you are?

Stop lying.

You know just as well as I that you would be blabbering all over the place.

But I’ve got to give it up to the step-daughter of U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Her parents has apparently taught her well. When Kia Absalom had no cash to pay the Uber driver she rode with, after ordering the ride using the UberT app, the NYPD was alerted by the driver, and placed the young woman in a holding cell.

Now let me give a quick side-eye right here. Leave it to the state of New York to have a whole different Uber set up. As a regular Uber customer, I thought the whole selling point or marketability of the service was that everything transpired online. Even the payment. Here in the state of California, no Uber driver to my knowledge takes money for the fare.

Kia Absalam and family (Facebook)
Kia Absalam and family (Facebook)

But when the driver of Kia’s ride asked her for $20 at the conclusion of the ride, and she didn’t have it; saying, pretty much what I explained above, he drove her to the police station and had her arrested.

Fortunately for Kia, her boyfriend came and paid the fare, so she was released without further incident.

But check this out, when her father showed up to the police station with the FBI, to ensure she had not been afforded any “special privileges,” police said not only had she NOT been afforded such a thing, she had never even mentioned that her mother was the Attorney General.

Give this daughter a hand, will ya? Such grace under fire is certainly commendable.

For those who are as confused as I was about this UberT, click here for more info.


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  1. There is no story here. Is this just y’all’s slick azz way of putting AG Lynch on blast for something totally unrelated to her? GTFOH!

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