Missing Pregnant Woman Found Dead in Her Own Daycare Center

Andrea Caruth
Andrea Caruth

*Oh god. When will horrors such as this end?

A woman five months pregnant had gone missing, but over the weekend, was found dead in the home she shared with her boyfriend and father, who lived downstairs in the Bronx residence.

Andrea Caruth appeared to have been beaten to death, as cadaver dogs located her partially buried, decomposing body in a crawlspace in her basement. It lay beneath plywood, gravel and cement and was discovered sometime around 3 a.m.

The home also served as a daycare.

Cops had done an initial search, but found no evidence of Caruth’s body being in the home. Yet something made them suspect foul play, and they doubled back with the dogs, who then discovered the woman’s body.

Sydney Jones, 29, had been sending her daughter to Caruth’s “Kiddie College” daycare, and said it broke her heart to know that she died before she got to raise her child.

“She was just starting life,” Jones said. “That’s the beginning of your life when you’re having a child. And to know that she was just killed over — what? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Jones said that she tried to maintain strong faith, but when she learned that Caruth was not at work one day, she suspected something terrible had happened.

“She had never taken a day off,” Jones said. “She’s the kind of teacher who would be there on Christmas Eve and just always be there for the kids. I knew as soon as I heard (she wasn’t at work) that something was funny. I do try to keep my faith, but something in my heart just didn’t sit well. I’m like, something happened to her.”



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