Look: Is This a Bear or a Dog…Should We Be Scared!?


*Nah, I’m not scared. This adorable animal is too cute to frighten anyone, but he (or is it a she I need to look closer) has caused quite a stir on the internet since its public display a few days ago on Reddit. Someone posted a photo with the caption, “someone brought this bear into doggie day care on December 29, 2015.”

But we’ve learned a few things since then.

First off, this adorable ball of brown fur is indeed a little girl whose name is “Bounce.” She is a Pomeranian-mix who according to Ryan Horn, an employee at The Dog Spot, in West Nashville, Tennessee, was checked in last Monday.

Horn is actually the one who was so smitten with the dog that he texted a photo of her to his friends, jokingly referring to her as a bear.

Bear dog 2

But it was one of his friends, Lanier Basenberg, who took the text a step further and posted the photo to Reddit and Imgur. And you know how crazy us animal lovers can get. We swooped it up big-time; debating over whether it was a bear or a dog and made it go viral with 1 million views as of this afternoon.

And of course there were those who even “got cute” and threw a spin on the debate. Like user carson9910, who wrote:

“Bear with me — I think he might be a woof.”

Dang. Wish I would’ve thought of that!

As it turns out, the dogs’ owner, Elizabeth Maguyon, checked Bounce into daycare when she and her family went on vacation. She says people are always making a big deal out of the pooch.

“Since she was getting so much attention, I actually made a joke on the trip that Bounce would become famous without us even knowing because of all the pictures people were taking of her, and little did we know she actually did!” Maguyon said.

Even her name is cute. 

OK. see you later. Gotta Bounce! (I couldn’t resist).


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