Little Girl Went to Restroom By Herself ‘Like A Big Girl’…And This Happened!

Girl glued to toilet seat


*Nicole Langmead was so proud that her 4-year-old daughter, Kaya, wanted to go to the bathroom by herself, “like a big girl!” And she thought nothing of it when two girls emerged from the bathroom laughing, just before she released her little girls’ hand and allowed her to go inside.

Langmead, Kaya and two of her siblings had been at a Devon McDonald’s in England, where they had waited outside the occupied restroom for quite some time.

“We were just about to give up when these two girls came out of the bathroom laughing,” Langmead told the Exeter Express and Echo. “I didn’t think too much of it and Kaya went into the toilet.”

But the little girl came out moments later, in tears. When her mother examined her, she noticed her buttocks and hands were red.

“Mom let me go to the toilet like a big girl and then there was like, two girls come out and then there was super glue on the toilet seat and it hurt,” Kaya told SWNS News. “My hands and my bum didn’t even know that.”

Can’t you just hear her pitiful little 4-year-old voice?

Kaya Langmead, 4. Mum Nicole Langmead was furious after pranksters superglued her four year old daughter Kaya to a toilet in McDonalds in Exeter, Devon. See SWNS story SWGLUE; A mum has condemned pranksters after her four-year-old girl was SUPERGLUED to a toilet seat in McDonald's. Furious Nicole Langmead, 24, was enjoying a meal at the fast food branch when her four-year-old daughter Kaya used the loo while she waited outside. But several minutes later the youngster emerged from the ground floor cubicle in agony saying she had been stuck on the seat. Nicole found a strong clear adhesive - believed to be superglue - had been smeared over the seat which had ripped some skin off of Kaya's legs. Police are investigating and want to talk to two teenage girls who were came out of the cubicle in Exeter, Devon, just before Kaya went in.

The franchise gave the little girl a balloon hoping to lift her spirits, and authorities have a description of the two pranksters – who they say are anywhere from 16-to-18 years old: one has long blonde hair and the other has shoulder length brown hair. 

Police are on the look out for them.





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