N. J. Parents Arrested: Left Three Young Kids in Car While They Gambled in Casino


*”Anybody can reproduce. Not too many can be parents.” This was a direct quote from Fred Harran, Director of Public Safety who referred to the parents who left their three young children (ages 1, 3 and 8) in a car at a casino parking lot for more than 1-1/2 hours in freezing 30-degree weather while they gambled inside Parx Casino as “just two more dopes who were not thinking.”

According to an Action News video report, it was a casino patron who notified police; who was able to track down and arrest Jared Nelson and Ebony Walker hours later. They were charged with the “reckless endangerment of another person.”

Thank goodness, after the children were taken to the hospital for observation, they were found to be Ok, and released into the custody of their grandparents.

Harran says they will turn the case over to the Children and Youth Authorities in Newark, New Jersey, where the parents are originally from.

According to authorities, this type of behavior where bad-parenting has seen others leaving children in cars while they go inside the casino to gamble has been on the decrease and Harran credits Parx’s new tightened security for this.


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