Korean Beauty Supply Calls Cops on Activists Re-directing ‘Us’ to Black-owned Businesses (Watch)


*Inspired by a call-to-action from the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, the Waxahachie Study Group, an organization of demonstrators in Texas, took to the streets in support of black businesses by standing outside a Korean-owned beauty supply business to redirect black consumers from there to the African-American-owned business offering similar products, close-by.

Study the speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King from the last two years of his life. He wasn’t assassinated because he had a dream. He was assassinated because he woke up. –the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

I am sure it comes as no surprise the Korean-owned business had a problem with this. And after a short, how shall we say…er, Q&A between the parties, the Korean man called the cops on the group (Scroll down to see video).

Here’s how it all went down.

Beauty supply owner: Why are you only doing this here? We did something wrong?

Demonstrator: No, we didn’t say you did anything wrong. We’re trying to enlighten our people and let them know that there is a black beauty supply that offers the same services so we are trying to redirect them to shop with their own people first before they shop with someone else.

Beauty supply owner: But I think this is not right.

Demonstrator: You think it’s not right for someone to support their own before they support someone else?

That would be an “affirmative” brother. As long as the shoe is not on the other foot, so to speak. Its no untrue rumor that Koreans don’t like black people…at all.


But the man was on his own here. Why? Because, and this probably WILL surprise you, the cop sided with the group.

At about the 6:53 mark, the cop is speaking with one of the activists and actually seems to be enjoying the fact that the brother reveals they have checked with their attorneys about their rights.

I must admit, I am kind of one the fence with this one. I had to think twice about the method this group used (and what their response was or would’ve been to the consumers who may still want to shop at the Korean store). I totally understand the need to inform consumers, our people, so they at least KNOW there is an option to support their own – selling the same services. Armed with this info, the choice is theirs as to whether they want to take it or not.

Anyway you slice it, the Muslim brother never stuttered. At one point the Korean man asked him “Why are you here and not in front of Starbucks? His response was priceless: “Tomorrow we may be, but today we are in front of your business.”

And after a debate that seemed to be going nowhere, the brother wished the Korean business owner “a Blessed Day” and said, “I’m through talking now.”

And he was.

Watch how it all goes down on the 8:23 video below. The video offers some historical perspective using voice-overs of both Dr. Martin Luther King and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, before leading up to the incident.


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