Let’s Grab A Bite…at the Male Version of Hooters, Tallywackers!


*Women have come a long way, baby.

They’ve gone from cinnamon bun-hair styled damsels-in-distress (“Help me Obi-Wan!  You’re my only hope!”) to Jedi ass-kickers in galaxies far, far away.


They’ve gone from tragic, alcoholic spouses (remember SueEllen?) to breakout divas on network prime-time soaps.


And the White House may be welcoming a decidedly…well, slightly more feminine commander-in-chief in 2016.


So don’t you think it’s about time there was a male version of Hooters for the ladies?

Tallywackers has opened in Dallas, and features wings, burgers et al served up by scantily clad young and not-so-young, sometimes shirtless men.

By the way, the word “tallywacker” is slang for “schlong.”

If the concept sticks, other locations will open.

The inspiration came to Rodney Duke, a bar owner and Dallas businessman, while he was enjoying a meal at Hooters in 2005. “Everyone has asked themselves the same question over time when visiting all these other venues that are related with female eye candy,” Duke said.  “Why is there not a male equivalent?”

Now there is. Some of their specialties include “The Talleywacker,” a one-pound all-beef frank on a fresh bun.

Sounds very fresh to me.

The new establishment is also serving “The S & M Burger” and “The Famous Flamer”, so it’s quite clear that the ladies aren’t the only ones who are being targeted by Tallywackers. In fact, Duke opened the establishment in Dallas’ upscale Oak Lawn neighborhood, which is known by locals as the “gayborhood”.

I KNEW the boys would be on this!


In addition to the scenery, Tallywackers wants to make it clear that they serve good food, too.

“The thing that has got my attention is the grilled romaine Caesar salad,” said Jeannette Johnsen, the establishment’s accountant and human resources manager.

The grilled romaine Caesar salad got Jeannette’s attention.  Uh-huh. I know she was whipping out her iPhone to take a picture of that salad.

“We have a wood grill that cooks things so you get that outdoor smoky taste,” she says, “and they make all dressings in-house.”

Jeanette, I am SURE that those homemade dressings are a draw.

To be fair, not all the servers are ripped, Duke said. And unlike Hooters, Tallywackers allows diners to choose their preferred waiter before ordering.

That’d be great, because some of us prefer the dark meat, please.

“We want to hire a wide variety of men,” he said. “Everyone has a different type. The younger ones, the older ones, the muscular ones, the not-so-muscular ones. We want to have eye candy for everyone.”

If Tallywackers Facebook page is any indicator, they know who their target is, male AND female. It features the hashtag: #guycandy

And I KNOW there are people reading this who are thinking “Break me off a piece of THAT!”

This blog was written by Michael P Coleman, who likes to eat and tweet at places like Hooters and Tallywackers.  Do the math.   And follow him on Twitter.


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  1. Well it’s about time! One needs to come closer to Baton Rouge & Lafayette, LA!

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