Woman Beats ‘Drunk Driving’ Charges, Tells Judge Her ‘Body is a Brewery’


*A woman who was reportedly weaving in and out of traffic, while driving a car with a flat tire, beat a drunk driving charge in a New York Court recently because she was able to prove that her body is, in essence, a “brewery.”

According to The Buffalo News elected Hamburg town Judge Walter Rooth was moved by the woman’s claims after she spent $7,000 working with a specialist to show proof that her body sometimes meets the legal definition of drunkenness even though she may not have taken a single drink.

What? She PROVED this?

Yes, she did.

The 35-year-old woman, whose identity has not been revealed, is just one of what doctors believe is many who suffer from a new disease that has become known as Auto-Brewery Syndrome. A condition where excess intestinal yeast turns ordinary food into alcohol; and a breathalyzer readout will show life-threatening intoxication.

“I would say it is not safe to drive a car if you are in an auto brewery syndrome flare,” Dr. Anup Kanodia of Ohio, an Auto-Brewery Syndrome expert who monitored and tested the woman, told the News. “But it’s a brand new disease and we’re still trying to understand it.”

Kanodia also told the judge that he believes between 50 and 100 people have been diagnosed with the disorder; yet 95% of people who suffer from it have no idea that they do.

But Rooth’s December 9 decision to dismiss the drunk driving charges filed against the woman for weaving in and out of traffic has been slow to attract media attention. And his decision to dismiss the charge is being appealed by the prosecutor’s office, according to reports.

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