Man Gets Shot at McDonald’s…Why?…He Said, ‘Your Order is Ready’


*Some people are so consumed with hate, they just don’t give a damn how the behavior manifests.

How incredibly sad.

According to witnesses this was proven when Devin Gibbs, 23, (shown above) shot an older man who was also a customer at McDonald’s, after the man informed him that his order was ready.

I would like to believe there is much more to this story, but apparently not.

The Miami Herald reports,

Witnesses said an older man yelled at the suspected gunman at the fast food restaurant in the area of Northwest 20th Avenue and 80th Street, just after 12:30 p.m. “Me and my girlfriend were behind him in line,” said Wilder Smith.

The witness said an older man was yelling at the suspect, telling him his order was up. At that point, the dispute escalated. “[They were] talking stupid to each other, then [the suspect] took out the gun and said, ‘I’ll kill you right now,’” said Smith.

Panic spread across the crowded restaurant, and as the victim started to walk away, police said, shots rang out, shattering glass in one door and striking the older man in the arm.

Diner Jorge Martinez said he did not wait to witness the outcome. “I was sitting down right. I busted a left I went straight into the bathroom and I locked myself in,” he said.

Smith said the victim was not fazed by his injury. “He was eating, holding his hand like this,” Smith said as he demonstrated.

The victim was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, but he refused treatment and left. “He didn’t care. He took it like a soldier,” said Smith.

Police took in the suspect for questioning. It is unclear what charges he may face.

The McDonald’s later reopened. The company released a statement saying that the safety of their employees and customers is their top priority.

Still think we don’t need to re-examine greater gun control?


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