Daughter Gets Christmas Gift from Her Mom…Months After She Passes (Video)


*Get the tissue and cue the tears as we cry right along with this young woman; who found she could no longer play the tough girl role as she sat around with family members and opened a Christmas present from a very special person.

Her recently deceased mother.

According to her sister, the two were cleaning out the apartment when she found a letter that said a package had been delivered to their home. They attempted to track down the package. Could not. But then found the package after it was shipped from Atlanta to their home.

The sister listened to the story and proceeded to open the package from her late mother. And the tears started flowing.

A mother knows…

The box contained gifts of clothing and a very welcomed pair of brown boots.

Everyone in the room was caught up in the emotion, and made light of the sister’s tears in a way that only family can.

A mothers love is everlasting.

Watch the touching video below.

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