‘What the…?’ Kid Throws Tantrum ‘Cause He Got Wrong Video Game (Watch)

tantrum kid

*Some segment of our population may end up laughing at this video because they see it as cute. But another population will shake their collective heads and ask, what have we done to our children?

And then there is that population that would straight up beat this kids ass.

This young tyke asks, “what the…” after he opens a present and discovers its the 2015 version, instead of 2016. His rant is caught on video and uploaded to social media, most likely by his mom.

The mom, who we can assume is on the other side of the camera, says, “they were out of stock” as the kid explodes.

I mean, I can see a playful side here. I’m not a total idiot. But I also think this behavior in a child, unaddressed, is a flirt with danger.

But let’s have a little fun here, shall we? Switch it up a lil’ bit.

Say the kid is black and tried this.

Game over.

Here’s the video.

2 thoughts on “‘What the…?’ Kid Throws Tantrum ‘Cause He Got Wrong Video Game (Watch)”

  1. We’ll see him again. Someone will be scraping his carcass off the sidewalk after a run in with the wrong person.

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